Thursday, 26 January 2012

Oztent: Something different

I decided to exchange our classic Maggiolina rooftop tent as it always got in the way when not in use. Also the Maggiolina at about 80kgs was a bit heavy to lift. So I looked for the next solution: something between the rooftop tent and the usual tent.
This is what I got: the Oztent RV2, I can set up in 30 seconds. It's very easy and quick.

It doesn' t fold as small as a normal tent. It's a 2 mtr long pack, but it fits inside the Wagoneer and in the bed of the J10 easily, or I could transport it on the roofrack. Of course it's too big to take on the plane, but for those trips the good old little dome tent is best. The Oztent is for those rainy European treks where we' d want some living space inside, but don' t want to set up our big tunnel tent mansion.
The Mansion
The Maggiolina on tour