Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Wolseley Ten brakes

For some reason I wasn' t sure about these honed out Wolseley Brake cylinders. I really wanted new ones. Buying new ones seemed a problem though. What about an alternative solution?

From some brake"experts" I never even got an answer and others quoted "quite a bit".
So I started thinking about alternatives.

After some searching I found that Landrover series 3 rear wheelcylinders have nearly the same external dimensions and the rest of the Landrover set up looks similar to the Wolseley too. So I ordered a set for some experimenting.

The back plate needs a little modification to fit the studs, but the cylinders themselves are a nearly perfect fit between the shoes. Now I only need to get some new hoses to fit and change the
connectors on the rear brakes. But if this works I can always find new wheelcylinders when I need them.