Friday, 20 April 2012

Austin Maxi in ye olde scrapyard

It was like being beamed back 25 years in time. Some old cars in an overgrown grass yard at an old garage workshop crammed full of used parts and part repaired cars.
We had come to get all the useable parts off this tired old Maxi.
But there were several old  Peugeot 404's rusting away too.
The Maxi yielded a useful selection of old and some new parts. There was even this unusual rear wheelarch repair panel. 
A bootful of old spares. Some labeled with intricate messages from the past about their reason for replacement.
We took home a pickup-truckload and a trailer full of spares
Like a set of doors in reasonable condition, bonnet and hatchback
And the cherries on the cake: some hydrolastic unuts.