Saturday, 19 January 2013

Another new universal joint for the Baby Wagoneer

One of the best things about this Wagoneer is you can use 2wd, and 4wd lo and hi, but there is a full time 4wd option in the transfer case as well! Driving in snow I used the Wagoneer in full time 4wd and I noticed a knocking noise in the drive train. I suspected the Universal joint, as years ago I had replaced it with a second hand driveshaft, when I broke the yoke while exploring some forest tracks in France.
As it was at least the second time I dismantled this wheel, there were no seized bolts today.
The brakes and disk come off easily.
And the best feature is that you can take the bearing assembly off as a unit by indoing just three bolts!
 Here's the shaft with the broken Universal joint. Note it's a ABS-axle as that's what I got from the "specialist" years ago. It seems bigger than the non-abs system. The ABS-UJ is slightly larger too. The "specialist" also told me you can't take the UJ's out, but that is bogus! There are just circlips inside instead of on the outside like on the old CJ. The other side still has the slightly smaller UJ for the Non ABS cars. I replaced that one in August.
Anyway: this old joint was well used and well overdue for change. I'm always surprised how bad they can be before you really notice trouble. Though this car mostly uses 2wd on the road.
The 12 ton press seemed to buckle this C-beam.
Here you see the old and new together. Note the ABS-ring on the yoke.This shaft is for a later car, but it fits without any problems.
And the new Uj in position on the shaft.
The whole lot reassembled. The wet looking stuff is anti-rust oil. As it's winter I couldn't sand and paint, so I deceded to temporarily just wire brush and spray marine anti rust compound. It' s ugly, but will keep corrosion at bay.