Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Some Rusty cars in the snow.

Driving in the snow makes for pretty pictures. Here's a selection of pictures I made earlier. These first two date from around 1999 and were taken with my first digital camera. There have been some advances in resolution since then.
Looking at the car from the rear shows the spare wheel well dragging in the snow...

Better camera  probably about a year later. This MGB spent many winters on the road with us. Now retired. it might return some day...
A much later car: White Fiero in snow. The properties tell me it was 2001. I'm not sure. That long ago?
This car was interesting to drive on icy conditions: the torque of the engine and the automatic gearbox made the rear wheels break traction at inconvenient times
Even the best camera can't cope with sleet on the lens.
 Still a nice rear end on the 1966 Bronco in November 2008
Pretty Landrover series one in 2009
 Out to play!
Austin Gipsy
 Making tracks in 2010
Nearly unstoppable Jeep J10 in 2012. Begging for a plow, but I refuse!
Likes to play in the snow and tow little racers...
But this Wagoneer has seen most of the dirty weather the past eleven years. So it deserved to be in a pretty picture too.