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Friday, 19 April 2013

Wolseley new Ten sliding roof solution: Heavy metal monster Chinese sewing machine

The last major hurdle to get the Wolseley fully operational was the sliding roof. I decided I'd fit a full canvas over the already fitted frame of the Pitchley sliding roof. This eliminates exposure of most of the internal gutter and an open seam between the sliding part and the fixed rear panel.
I ordered some hood canvas and used my new "Vintage" sewing machine to make the canvas top
 A top frame to fix the front of the canvas to the sliding frame.
Trial fit
Here the bracket is in place
Countersunk screws connect the bracket to the frame
Fitting the canvas to the frame
A strip of Aluminium fixes the rear
Almost done
Sliding open..
Closed. The rear half is weighted and stretched over a metal plate in the canvas roof, so the front part folds over the rear and the wooden frame slides under the plate. 
Job done!Ready for another test drive.