Monday, 6 May 2013

May Paddle day

It was a fine day to paddle. I didn't even forget to pack a camera.
 River was fairly high. Hardly any beach, but the luxury of soft grass for launch.
Though I'm not sure the cows liked my use of their lunch.

 Wouldn't call this an expedition.
 Amazed at how much clearer the water is these days
 Gull resting
 Sparkling waters. Though I would not drink it. We know where it's been.
 Pebble Beach!

Saw this interesting plane. Looked like a seaplane. Maybe even a Catalina, but this photo doesn't show the plane well. It's very rare to see a seaplane here. No sea and no place to land anyway. I suppose this one was on it's way home from an airshow. Maybe it was this Dutch Catalina. Something must have been going on as later I saw an Alouette helicopter. I thought those were phased out too.
 The old house of Loowaard. Formerly a castle.