Sunday, 11 August 2013

Even larger Sequoia's, Yosemite and some lakeshore camping

We enjoyed California 198
Who would think rivers could be dangerous?
A  Sequoia close up 
Big trees dwarf Jeep
Brush fires cause hazy vistas
Another warning playing outdoors can be hazardous 
Steps up Moro rock go up...
and up... this grand view

Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day!
Campsite under the trees
Food is to be stored in this bear-proof box
Ziggy the Jeep dog
Trail leader
Pictures everywhere
And off again
Back to the freeway
To Millerton lake
A lakeside pitch
We did meet Bugs Bunny
After a refreshing evening bath 
Camp cooking utensils
Coffee Pot water tower in "Swedish village¨ called Kingsburg
Ramshackle house in Delano
One of the last free range farm trucks?
Smokey Bear road exit
Good old gaudiness on the way to Los Angeles
Eight lanes of traffic at a crawl
Red Double decker bus in Los Angeles
Nothing like a good firetruck
Oreo shake and cheesecake

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