Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Low carb Maestro

For some reason the Maestro kept losing a good idle setting. One minute I thought I'd adjusted the car to a sweet idle and later it would stumble and fall running overly rich like a first class lemon. Almost renaming the car to " Little Fubar", I decided thing needed to change.

One of the features of the SU HIF is this bimetalic jet lever. As the literature and internet gave confusing information I decided to see what this lever actually does. 
I mounted an old SU in my vice, removed the floatchamber lid and warmed up the lever with a heat gun with my "jet setter" attached to the top. It showed the jet moving up to a leaner position when hot. 
As I have never had much trouble with SU Hifs before I decided to exchange the lever for another one. So now I have a new needle and jet assembly as well as another lever.
While the rocker cover was off the car, to remove the carburetor, I checked the valve clearances. They were almost closed. THAT might have accounted for some bad running as well.
I still think the old A-engine looks weird in such a "modern" car.
Now with the correct rocker cover it looks much more like an A+ should
I fitted a new choke cable and knob in a place the average driver can actually reach. Much better. I don't even need a laundry peg!
It runs fine now, so next jobs will be to fix the noises coming from the front suspension and bearings, that ugly black dent in the rear wheelarch and tidy up the wheels. Well hey, they say solving puzzles keeps you bright!