Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Removing Jeep J10 lpg parts

Removing the lpg evaporator, regulator and control box from the engine to comply with new tax regulations for classic cars. Sad to be removing a cleaner technology, but those high tax rates would raise the cost to impractical levels for a car that sees very limited use anyway.  After the system was removed we had to present the car for official inspection. The car passed this inspection.
This adapter was inside the air filter housing. Here the lpg is sucked into the carb by manifold vacuum.
The twin tanks under the rear part of the truck bed.
Removing the tanks was a two-person job, but here the firt one was lowered to the gound. Removal of the tanks exposed a long hidden part of the bed and frame. Now I'll need to clean and underseal this shabby cavity.
Tanks out of the car. Still showing damage from salty roadspray and one seaside adventure.