Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wolseley cosmetics: Brush'n roll!

 The Wolseley was getting slightly shabby with a few small rust bubbles in the doors, so I decided to make a few cosmetic repairs to the lower bodywork. There is a plan to change the doors sometime in the future, but as previous cosmetic repairs have lasted a few decades I saw no harm in extending the life of these doors some more. 
Under this red primer I used Epoxy filler as a experiment. The only drawback of this epoxy seems to be that it takes a day before it can be sanded smooth. But it seems to stick much better than the usual Polyfiller.
 After filling all the grey paint was flatted and light patch of primer was applied locally.
The big advantage of using brushes and rollers for painting is that there's no overspray, so masking can be quite minimal.
 The new grey paint looks much better than the patched old paint.
 Now the right hand side can be tackled
 Small patches cleaned, filled, sanded and primered
 Some fairly local masking is sufficient
 The side indicator and trim were removed, but the fittings were masked.
 Left flank painted.
Preparing the front and rear panels. 
To refit the chromed "whiskers" I used some brass nuts with the heads narrowed to fit the trim strips. Below you can see the  on the re assembled front with all chromework fitted.