Monday, 29 September 2014

Amrwr tech day and Morris Minor bypass hose trouble

It was a nice Morris run to the AMRWR tech day
There was a lift available to inspect our cars. Here Mr. Bean's Mini is viewed by an avid fan

  Some needed to lie down for a bit.
 Others opted for a more hands off approach to this modified Metro Turbo

Mr. Bean's Mini was approved by the technical expert of the BX club.

 The Jaguar MK2 v12  was also started. Here is it's idling  gloriously.
 V6 TVR made the run from Apeldoorn. Loud but all in the best possible taste
 After all this hard work lunch went down well on the sunny patio Someone pointed  at a little puddle of water under our Morris. It was that little bypass hose. As I expected a fiddle there, I decided to  fix it at home . No problem. It was just a small leak so we got home with plenty of water in the radiator. .

At first glance it didn't look too bad

Still I replaced it with another, much stronger hose

Closer inspection  showed the pretty little hose well perished. It was not even that old. Bad quality easily avoided by fitting good quality reinforced heater hose.

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