Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Maestro shocking rear

As I had so much fun changing the front shocks I decided to change the rear ones too. It seemed a shame to keep the new ones boxed.
And it turned out to be a good idea as, even though they still worked well enough one of the top carriers had rusted through. In the past someone had already tried to fix this with a huge shim.
 I had a spare selection of struts, so I could use the best parts to make a good set for our Maestro.
 Again the big spring compressor made easy work of taking the struts apart.
 Ans before I knew it I had two nice shockabsorbers fitted to my springs.
 And a nice pile of old springs for spares. You never know what I might need.
The new McPherson assemblies look pretty under the car. They are quite greasy as I have covered them in anti rust wax in an effort to keep the rust away for a while.