Monday, 5 October 2015

Wolseley New Ten: busted bearing seal and smoking starter

For a while there's been an annoying oil leak through one rear wheelbearing making a right mess of the brake shoes on the Wolseley Ten. As the seals are not available locally and the original seals would just consist of felt rings, I decided to try to replace the bearings  with "sealed" ones available through a bearing specialist.  As a bonus the sealed bearings were available off the shelf. Replacing the bearings went without a hitch, but when I wanted to take the car for a test run the starter decided to stop working.  After removal and dismantling I found a lot of oil and the insulation on two brushes burnt away. As the starter is quite difficult to remove I took it to a specialist for thorough inspection and rebuild. After a few days I received a pretty new looking starter. After fitting the Wolseley started like a new car.