Friday, 13 November 2015

Wrecks and Turrets

I heard there were parts of a very old shipwreck (estimated 1300 AD to 1850 AD) sticking out of the mud now the river is at a record low.
After a good walk I found the wreck and photographed it. The long handforged nails looked  very sharp and dangerous. I guess it would have been a fairly large barge, but it was impossible discern the actual shape of the hull.  Farther inland I photographed a couple of ww2 Sherman tank turrets. These were encased in concrete to form stationary defenses in the Fifties. I'm not sure if the whole tank was encased or just the turrets, but is a strange sight.  See all photos here 
If you look at the GPS track you can see how I walked the riverbed in some places. Due to the low water level I kept my feet dry.