Monday, 25 January 2016

Jeep XJ Baby Wagoneer rusty boot floor fix

After fixing the front floor boards it was time to remove the carpet inspect the boot floor. An ugly mess came into view.
 A few of the holes were visible from below after the tank was removed.
 But the top became increasingly worse after some prodding.
 A miracle the frame rails were in perfect condition. Look at the galvanisation still in place.

 Cleaning up took most of the effort here while the holes keep expanding.

 Ready for welding
 Spot welding the new panels.
 Finally the last patch panel ready for welding

No holes! Arch to arch repairs.
Another little patch for the quarter panel
 Tank painted and ready to be refitted
 After a struggle the tank is back in place and all pipes are  reconnected
 Finally the upholstery and rear bench can be reinstalled. It's a mobile car again. Job done.