Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mgb clutch and brake hydraulics fix

After  that welding job it was time to get the brakes and clutch back to life. After some rooting around under the car  I found the calipers in fine condition, so the front brakes only needed cleaning. One of the rear wheel cylinders was leaking , so both were changed as well as the rear brake hose. The clutch had lost all fluid and the slave cylinder was suspect. It was cleaned and rebuilt with new seals after cleaning and honing. I thought the hose looked suspect too, so that was changed too. After changing all the brake fluid and some enthousiastic bleeding we now have rebuilt brakes and clutch hydraulics. Next: water and fuel pump.
New parts ready for fitting
The new brake cylinders fitted. The shoes are like new, so they can stay.
The new rear brake hose was a struggle to fit, but we got it done
Rebuilt clutch slave and another new hose 
The slave in bits 
While I was juggling seals and honing cylinders I also found a  spare clutch slave for the 1800 that could do with a rebould. 
Old bits for junk or maybe rebuild
Done. Water and fuel pumps are next on the list