Thursday, 28 April 2016

Goodbye Maestro

Today the sun was out just long enough for me to take a few final photographs before the new (and previous) owner would take the Maestro to his new Home.

 My last spannering action was to fit a new econometer as the old one had ceased to function years ago. This very rare item was donated by a very kind friend and Maestro enthousiast.
The econometer really adds to that Eighties Tech design of the dashboard
But the Econometer is rather distracting while driving I found. The idea is that you avoid activating the red lights, but it is tempting to try and trigger as few orange lights on the bar too. Driving "in the green" can be annoying to fellow motorists, I'm sure! 
Though the Maestro arrived on a trailer a few years ago and also left on a trailer today, this time it was a very different vehicle that was being carted away. The reasons it went on the trailer today were only practical ones not connected to reliability. The Maestro is a properly reliable and well driving car now, so I'm sure the current keeper will enjoy many pleasurable miles with "Praline".