Thursday, 16 March 2017

Perfect Paddle day

The river being slighty higher than usual offered me an opportunity to paddle some flooded fields.
These herons are waiting for fish to enter the narrow waters.
After the winter the water is really cold and very clear.
This is the main river bed.
Before crossing
This is the pontoon where last year I found the Tern chicks.
Now there's nobody home except one dead gull and a duck's nest under construction.
While the pontoon looks deserted in the bleak waters..
 ..the willows are starting their bloom

The Sun has warmed the air, but the water is cold
This old tree must have already been alive when the main river bed ran here.
Very strange these old pillboxes.
Like a giant has tossed these solid concrete buildings aside

Not a steam tug, but still a beautiful old vessel
No markings on this old army bridging unit, but I guess it's cold war surplus
Basically maintenace free for the past 50 years or so. Now we call it "Patina"
This carp was too large for the shallow water
Still trying to swim upstream. It was heading towards the hungry herons. Even though it ws probably too big for them I nudged it back into deeper water with my paddle.