Monday, 23 October 2017

Morris Minor Shock absorber fix

There was some play at the main shaft of one of the front shock absorbers of the Minor. As most suppliers of Minor parts expect a rebuildable example in return before shipping rebuilt items, this was not an option and it took some time to find a working replacement.
By chance I spoke to the friendly proprietor of Minorel and he had a usable shock absorber for us. Within days it came, complete with Polyurethane bushes, pivot pin, lockshims and a locknut. 
This is the old item with play in the main shaft.
 The bushes slipped on easily almost without any pressure.

The whole assembly in place. The blue bushes don't clash with the blue arm from the painted shockabsorber.
The final result. The new bushes and painted shock absorber look good and a test run showed it was a succes.