Monday, 29 January 2018

Packard Treadle sewing machine

Packard is a well known brand of American quality car, so it is not surprising that the importers of sewing machines used this name for this ornate machine.
This one is in  great condition. the only wear is in the connection of the pedal to the large drive wheel. Otherwise the machine works beautifully. The leather drivebelt looks like new.
This treadle comes in a nice cabinet that opens up into a practical work space.
When closed the cabinet is very compact.
 The machine features some nice details. Like this "speedometer" Zig zag width indicator.
 The dial has a V-decoration. Almost as if there's a V-eight engine in there somewhere.
 The same V can be found on the Stitch regulator.
 "Ivory" push buttons
Chrome width limiters.
Accessory box
And the all-important instruction book