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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Singer 99k from Denmark

The ad showed only one partial photo of a machine in its case. But it turned out to be another good one.  Singer 99K, 1955.
 The case itself is nice enough.
 But inside I found a very clean machine. A family heirloom.
 The lady who sold the machine had brought it here from Denmark.
This is the second versuin of the 99k, with the sliding lever to adjust the stitch length and "Back tack" function.  Serial number tells us it was built in 1955. So it is a late black machine as the grey aluminium version came out in 1958.
The manual is Danish, but I can guess  what the advertising is trying to tell the new owner.
 I wonder if the Danish Singer company can still provide service and part for my machine.
 There were some interesting attachments with this machine.
Even though the cables are old, after connecting it all the machine worked perfectly.