Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Singer 66K 1927

 Here's another large box.
 It covers a nice, but incomplete Singer 66K
 The machine itself is complete. There is even this nice sewing light.
The machine is in nice condition too. The decals and lacquer are well preserved.
Compared to the 99K in the back this 66K is much bigger. Otherwise they are very similar as the 99 is considered the compact version of the 66.  The rest of the differences are caused by the different years of production.
 According to the serial number database this machine was built in 1927
 Decals are more elaborate than the later 99K
The Singer medallion is also a bit bigger on the 66K
Sadly the pedal is missing as are the cords. What is there looks a bit scary, so getting the motor to run will take some improvisation.
Internally the 99 and 66 are identical. It looks very simple, but strong.