Monday, 14 May 2018

How now Brown Cow? Elfsteden Oldtimer rally 2018

For this annual event the Wagoneer towed the Seven and all our camping gear to the usual campsite near the little village of Wijckel.
After pitching the tent and inspecting our neighbour's vehicles we went out for a short run.
We found a nice little lunchroom near Hemelum
On the way back to the campsite we encountered a heard of happy cows on their way home. Driving slowly we avoided the cowpats. A squadron of flies provided air cover.
In the afternoon before the rally there was a shorter run to see if the old cars were up to the challenge of the long trip around the eleven cities of Friesland.
Weather was fine and everybody was chatting about the cars and bikes in the field.
 The roads were dry and mostly smooth.
 After a while I parked the Seven to photograph the passing vehicles.
 This showed the difference in the size of cars in the rally.
 Back at the campsite I checked everything was ready for the long run.
 The start. Through the tent and past the band inside.
 The towns were still a little sleepy. This is Sneek.
 Keeping the pace with a sprightly Model T.
 Willy's Jeep MB on a sunny lane.
Big break in Leeuwarden.
 Stopping for lunch. "Big" black Austin Ascot.
 Over lunch we can enjoy the cars passing by.
 Harlingen city centre.
The crowds go wild in Workum!
 Hindeloopen bridge.
 The little fishing harbour of Laaksum
 Almost there. Another pretty lane near Warns.
 And the last narrow street to the finish line in Sloten.
 With all the stamps collected we're officially done.
Well done, our little Seven.
 More cars arrive at the finish line. Wolseley 21/6
And the Giant American Lafrance