Thursday, 24 May 2018

Wolseley 18/85 service

It was time for the bi-annual service, though the engine had an extra service last year after the engine swap and the ignition was changed only a short wile ago. I started with the oil and filter change. The car has no grease points, but hinges and cables got a drop of oil too. Driveshafts and front suspension joints checked. 
 Brakes were checked and all the other items under the car.
 Brake cylinders after cleaning. 
The bearings of one of the rear wheels needed changing too. 
 I found some time to paint the drums.

Ready to refit the wheel.

There was a faint leak from somewhere in the exhaust. It turned out to be the flexible pipe.  This one I bought a few decades ago. I was told it was a Citroen part. Now there were universal ones available in several sizes. The new one had the same diameter on both ends, so I needed to weld another piece of tubing to the front pipe.
 The new pipe welded.
Now the new flexible pipe could slide into the exhaust sections. This is the exhaust ready to fit to the car.
 Everything connected and working.
 I also made up a dummy(rigid) shockabsorber for the engine. This is to limit movement of the engine in case of engine mount failure.
Job done, it's time for dinner!