Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Lovely Lotus SP Sewing machine

 I had seen this Elna Lotus in the second hand store when I bought the Gazelle, but I'd left the Lotus in the shop as I thought it was bit modern. But thinking about it mad me go back and it was still there, so I got it home. See how small it is in the back of the MG.  
This machine does not come in a box: it is designed in such a way that the three lids open up as petals of a flower and everything fits inside . This is an innovative design by Marcel Fresard. In 1968 it was considered quite a breakthrough. The first compact sewing machine in the world without a separate carrying case, sewing table or accessory box.
 Complete with almost all accessories and handbook.
 Two books: a machine manual and a sewing guide. 
 Inside there is metal and plastic, but it is very clever.  
 Even the Dutch housewives approved.
Under the top lid the tools and accessories are stored neatly .
See how small the machine is compared to the usual sewing machine (Victoria) case. 
The complete Lotus is about the same size as an Elna Grasshopper without the  case
 This Anker is huge compared to the Lotus.