Monday, 2 July 2018

Milling around Millingen

For the thirtieth time the little town of Millingen was flooded by hordes of old cars and even more people enjoying the event.

The little Seven enjoyed the run, even though the weather was quite warm.
 This is another Austin. An Austin A40 Sports.
 Old tractors were everywhere.

 Stanley Steamer
 Trucks in different sizes
 You could even take a ride on a small steam train
 Old motorbikes. These are BMW.
 This gentleman mus be wondering if he can lift this little Autobianchi.
 Some heavy machinery too. A big stationary engine.
 This must be a homebuilt Citroen special. I think there is an old Buick sidevalve Six in there.
 Driving past one of the windmills
 Lunch stop
 A big bridge for our little Seven. At Emmerich.
 Starting from the old shipyard
 Under the big ryusty gantry crane.
 Look at the variety of cars.
And they' re off!