Monday, 27 August 2018

Awkward Jeep Wagoneer Transmission cooler line

It took some effort, but the Wagoneer is finally ready. There was a nasty leak from somewhere close to the steering pump. seemed logical that the powersteering box or the oil lines were leaking
 It actually looked like the high pressure power steering line was leaking, so I bought a new one.  But later I found out it had nothing to do with the powersteering. It was one of the transmission cooler lines leakin on the power steering line and the box. The cooler lines were both bad, so I went to look for a replacement. 
 I found three nasty quickconnects that took me half a day to disconnect without breaking the clips. 
 There was one sensible connector 
 One of the plastic clips I had to reuse them temporarily as they were not in stock. 
 The lines were not just out of stock, they were unavailable, so a local hydraulics repair shop had to fit new hoses to the old pipes. They didn't succeed the first time because of the strange size of the pipe.  
 This is the second version. 
 Here they are in place again. I fitted new O-rings in two of the connectors, but I am still waiting a set of new connectors to arrive. I will replace connectors when they arrive but until then I can use the car again without dribbling ATF all over the drive. Oh, and I will probably change that power steering hose too. Just in case..