Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Record low river paddle

 You can see the river is at a record low now.
 Someone left his goose out to dry
 Quite a bit of scrap iron everywhere.
 This old bollard is high and dry.
 There is still enough water to keep ships afloat, though they only load about half the usual cargo now.
 This one has been under water for a while. I wonder if the whole barge is under the sand or just half?
Ooh, Japanese knotweed...
 I have positioned the kajak at the usual summer water level.
 What creature is this? I think it is a Chinese cabbage: Bok Choi.
 These clay deposits are usually under water too. This is what all the old bricks were made from.
Though it looks pretty, the water is a bit smelly.
 Someone forgot his moped.
 More scrap metal: a washing machine.
 An old army truck wheel
 I wonder if someone lost his boattrailer while lanching his boat. 
 Some old docks.
Finally a little breeze.
The cows do their best add to the the water level.
This is how you can live on a boat when you're prone to seasickness.