Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Hitching a ride on Boelevaer III

Last week I showed you this view of the old ship Boelevaer III built near Bremen in 1938 for the German River authorities. Now I was invited to enjoy a run up the river in this rather special vessel.
 On the river it is a very different view from the one I'm used to in the kajak.
 Soon we reached the famous Arnhem Bridge
This ship is even older. Built in 1928 it was later used by the DDR police for river patrol duties. The Rheinstrom was sent to Arnhem to be scrapped, but was rescued by the current owner and looks in fine condition now.
 This is the new Bridge viewed from the " Front Promenade deck"
 The Skipper's work area looks suitably impressive.
Of course this Engine Order Telegraph (E.O.T.) orders the 5.1 litre Mercedes Benz Diesel engine in suitable German commands.
The Boelevaer III back at her home berth.