Friday, 14 September 2018

Minerva Sewing Machine

 I must admit I had to have this brand as it is also a well known car brand even though the Minerva sewing machine manufacturer has absolutely no connection to the Belgian car manufacturer. The Minerva Sewing machines were manufactured in Czechoslovakia and still exists today. Making very modern plastic machines. This one is an all metal machine. It seems to have been made very well and it comes with quite the collection of discs for decorative stitching. It is a free arm machine with an additional table to extend the bed. 
 There is a little door where the discs can be inserted. The little lever moves a metal finger that , when in "auto" mode will follow the profile on the disk.
 One day I must try all these fancy stitches.
 In the arm we have a very nice rotating hook assembly
 One of the leads was changed by a previous owner. Though it worked I preferred to fix the wire inside the connector.
 No screw connector in here. old fashioned solder.
This looks a bit safer, though I might change the cable to a lager gauge in the future.
This machine runs very strong now. Here I have attached the extension table.
You can read more about the Minerva brand here.