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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Singer 66 1914' Daten-Kontrollbuch"

This is an interesting item. It is a "Daten-Kontrollbuch" dated 1914. It registered in detail the fact that a customer bought a brand new Singer 66D to the sum of 165 German Marks. He made a downpayment of 8 M. and a monthly payment of 5 M. was agreed.

This a a similar machine to the one the book refers to. A Singer 66. This one is a 66K manufactured in Scotland. In stead of the German manufactured 66D.
 The machine was paid in installments buying stamps to various amounts,
It is not clear if the full amount was due was met, but in the back of the book there was more information on how to have the machine repaired in case of breakage.
The back cover shows the familiar Singer logo.