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Friday, 7 December 2018

Essex Miniature Sewing machine

Inside this rather small box you'll find a fully functional sewing machine. As it is a small machine it was often used as a toy but it is a very useful portable sewing machine. 
This sewing machine makes a very simple chain stitch and was manufactured from 1946 to 1956 by the Essex Engineering Works. The design was based on the Singer 20 model. This one might have had an electric motor at some time or other, but it works very well with the handcrank now. 

This is the rear. You can see were the electric motor was fitted to the base.
As you can see the manual refers to the "Essex Mark II electric portable".
I threaded the machine as per the manual and it made a perfect chain stitch without any adjustments.
Because of the chain stitch there is no need for a lower thread bobbin. The hook catches the thread and loops the thread around itself. Very simple and very clever.