Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Jeep XJ Baby Wagoneer Neutral safety switch trouble

The Baby Wagoneer has always been an extremely reliable vehicle. I was getting worried  when I experienced a few occasions of hit or miss starting while parked in the middle of a field at the river. After a few tries the car always got me home, but it was obvious I needed to find the cause and restore full reliability soon.  
The neutral safety switch on the Baby Wagoneer is meant to disable the starter while the transmission is in any other position than Park or Neutral. Obviously and important safety device, but when we started to experience starting problems while in Park, that went away after fiddling with the gear selector, the NSS seemed like a likely candidate for repair.
The switch is mounted on the passenger side of the transmission. Not difficult to reach except for the three cable ties securing the wires to the connector upstairs.
After removing the switch and opening it up this is what we found: a dirty switch with contacts stuck in the goo. Cleaning the parts and using some fine sandpaper on the connectors should fix our problems. Basically I followed the instructions from Matt at BleepinJeep.
Refitting was easy. As I had bothered to remember how the adjustable mounting was bolted up (the single bolt hole is elongated so the switch can be rotated slightly for adjustment) the car started in all the correct selector positions.