Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Austin Seven Wonky Wheel Nut

 So it was time to fix that broken stud on the Seven.
 On the right you can see how an unbroken stud looks.
 Decided to make another big mess. But there is a system to it. Honestly.
 The flange and rivets are in the rear half of the hub casing, so the hub needs to come apart. Here I use the special puller to pull the outer hub off the tapered end of the drive shaft.
 Outer hub off, now we can undo the bearing retainer nut. In the past someone has used a chisel to undo the nut.
 A good thing I have been collecting large sockets, so I don't need to resort to chisels.
 This is where the nut goes. Note I've used a one-piece nut, not the welded in version I showed in a previous photo. 
Here it is all back in place, before the drum goes back on. Job done, but I'll keep checking the wheels before every run. Don't fancy losing a wheel.