Tuesday 2 April 2013

Short break to Samsø Denmark to see the HalfCrab

Weather was still cold in Denmark when we arrived at the ferry to the island of Samsø, to visit the Samsø Austin Museum run by Stefan Wolffbrandt. Actually Stefan is the owner, but he also restores and finds cars and sells the tickets at the museum.

 The islands off the mainland of Denmark are serviced by sturdy small ferries like this one to Tunø,
Samsø,being the larger island, is serviced by this new and larger ferry.

When we arrived at the museum, this Austin Cambridge was the first car welcoming us

Insidemany cars and showcases full of Austinmobilia
Lik this original BMC service sign
In Denmark the Austin A40 Farina was called the Futura. The museum has two.

Outside there's aselection of BL-era cars, like this Princess 
A collection of Allegro's and a Metro
Spare front for a Somerset
American A40 Devon
In the main room a selection of A35, 110, A60, Maxi and A70
This is how the Halfcrab looks now: Resplendent with a new coat of paint and a suitably explanatory sign for this wing of the museum.
50% Frontal aspect is always strange especially without a grille
 But here we're showing a whole grille.
This wing houses the half and unrestored cars
Stefan told us this 1967 J4 might be his next restoration project

This A35 Van was just finished
 Every workshop needs a RainHare

Another half car. This was a 1939 Austin 10. Too far gone to be restored. The front is in the museum

 Big truck does not fit inside but could be handy to transport new acquisitions home or hoist them from ditches or hedges. You can read more about the cars and the museum at the splendid Austin Museum website
The houses are often painted in light and cheery colours
We were close to Tranebjerg, the main town of Samsø.
The local blacksmith historical building
I'd like an anvil like that in my workshop..
Samsø has varied landscape. You'll find open country wetlands and hills.
The scenic country roads perfect for cycling
Patches of snow everywhere
Local Bric a brac 
The Danes have old windmills too!
Ferry to Kalundborg
The lighthouse Vesborg Fyr  was biult on the remains of an old fortification
View from the lighthouse
 Built in 1858 by Frederick VII
Exploring quiet roads

These are the remains of a canal built by the Vikings ca 720. This way they could move their ships from East to West to defend the island from invaders.
Langør Vej
Langør church
Langør harbour
Langør harbour

Langør harbour

Nordby town  
Nordby town center with pond and summer houses
BallenBjerg outlook

Stone Monoliths and historic churches can be seen all over the island
Ferry home was busier, but still not crowded