Thursday 20 June 2013

Fitting the Blue Minor seats and door cards

Fitting the new seats was a simple job. Just eight bolts and two nuts to undo. The door trims needed more fiddling with clips and straps. Before I started the door cards were cleaned with a strong soap and water. They came up quite pretty. Only a few blemishes to establish some "patina" remained.
Of course I needed the old clips from the old cards. I did buy a bag with 25 spare clips, but each door card needs about 20 clips anyway. 
 The old straps were past it.
 I transferred the new straps to the old brackets with an extra plate and rivets to secure them.
With the seats and cards is the car looked transformed! I still need to replace the B-pillar panels and rear wheel arch trim. I hope to trim those with material from two extra doorcards I bought.
Doors and seats finished