Thursday, 21 April 2016

Morris Minor voltage regulator: replacing bad new RB106 with old RB340

The old RB 106 voltage regulator box on the Minor was worn far beyond the famous cleaning of the contacts and output was always low, so when I saw a new "Lucas" branded one for sale I bought it.  After fitting and cleaning the points twice nothing happened. It was dead. Then I remembered I had an old, later model British Lucas, three-bobbin box RB 340. Never had any trouble with those. After a bit of connectivation it worked fine. Good old Joseph Lucas!
The new "Lucas" copy  RB106.  
Worn out RB106, new and old genuine "Lucas" RB 340 from a larger car I scrapped long ago..   
RB340 from Wolseley 18/85 fitted to a humble Morris Minor. It works fine.  
 Even the ponies approve...