Saturday, 16 December 2017

1956 Aluminium Singer 201K Sewing machine

When I tell people I'm looking at old Sewing machines, they always tell me I should go for the Singers. So I did have a look at the Singers too and the one I like most is the second  version of the good old Singer 201. The later alloy version like this one manufactured in 1956. Two tone Brown-ish. Yes this is another really nice machine. You could say the Singer 201 is the Morris Minor of sewing machines: simple, strong and they were produced for a long time: from 1928 to 1963. But they were not cheap when they came on the market. If you bought one of these it was a serious investment. More affordable sewing machines came later, with the Japanese copies and Zig-Zags. This one only stitches straight stitches.
 No hand cranking. Here you see the factory electric motor.
 This one needed some oil too, but after a while it ran smoothly.
Complete with the case and user manual. In colour!