Thursday, 25 January 2018

Hestia treadle sewing machine

Sometimes you feel very lucky. This treadle machine was given to me. The script shows "Hestia". Some sources say this is manufactured by "Helvetia". Fiddlebase tells me "Helvetia" was a Swiss manufacturer in Luzern from 1895 to 1966 also connected to the development of the Dutch Fridor machines. The machine is complete and seems healthy and free. The cabinet is worn, but still very nice. In the little cubby I found a bill for some tea towels dated 1941, so I assume this machine was manufactured before that date. 
 This is the cabinet when closed. The ducktape is to prevent de door from falling open while we move it. The key is with the machine, but it is broken. I'm sure I can find a new key.
 The inside of the machine looks good and the shuttle and bobbins are there.
 A nice combined Sphinx-Mercury decoration on the foot.
Another sphinx-mercury on the body. It is interesting to see that the decorations are still very clear, but the brand name is almost gone.
 More decoration.
 System 705 could indicate it is Singer-inspired
Serial number is clear.