Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Bella Borletti

This is a Borletti 1090 manufactured in 1958 a straight stitch version of the 1102 designed by Marco Zanuso. The 11-2 machine won the Italian Design Prize in 1956. The very sleek shape is the same as the prize winning model. Very modern looking for 1958. Especially compared to our Japanese machines.  This one came from the original owner's family. The machine is complete except for a broken reverse lever. The seller admitted to breaking it as a boy. It only adds to the wonderfull history of the machine. 
 Even the screwdriver is markerd " Borletti"
 This is a nice way to store the pedal and accessories box
 Mechanically all looks in very good condition.

 The Borletti brush and special accessories box.