Monday 25 March 2019

Winselmann Hera with a special bird decoration distributed by Eduard Rühl

This machine was marketed with the name of Eduard Rühl. I can't find a manufacturer of this name, but the Hera script on the table points to another manufacturer.
And here it is: this actually is a Winselmann Hera. Manufactured by Gustaf Winselmann in Altenburg in Germany.
This machine was distributed by Eduard Rühl in Nuremberg. The machine was found in Nuremberg and acquired there by the previous owner who kept it for around 50 years before kindly giving us care of the machine. 
 This Winselmann looks like a typical vibrating shuttle Singer 28 style machine.
 Pretty details on the drawer
 Manual in German.
Pretty accessory drawer marked D.R.G.M with a registration number. D.R.G.M. stands for: Deutsches Reichsgebrauchs Muster, meaning  a registered design of the German Reich.
 Very decorative ironwork.
 How about a Vine decoration on the bed?
 Another proof it is a Winselmann.
The best part of this machine must be the birds on the bed.