Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Morris Minor tapered front hub bearings.

Even though the Minor has been very reliable and enjoyable during the past events, there still is this annoying vibration under braking. As the hubs seem to show a definite wobble I decided a set of better hubs with new bearing would be a good idea. 
 I got these tapered bearings and a set of modified hubs to fit them. The insides of the hubs are machined out, so the bearings can be fitted without the spacer. The axle stub,  that was designed for press fitting of the bearings, needs to be sanded down to size carefully so the bearings slide in place an can be adjusted conventionally by adjusting the nut.
 This is the machined hub.
 The hub and bearings fitted to the hub before adjustment. After adjustment and refitting of the drums and wheels it was time for a test run. It all seems a lot better, but there still is some vibration.
 Another possible cause could be loose parts in the suspension. I did find some movement in the nut (covered in copper grease in this photo) that secures the tie bar and I tightened the tie bar bushes, but that made no difference. Very annoying after fitting new Drums all around, tires, polyurethane upper swivel bushes, bearings and hubs. So I can see more investigations are in the future for me.
Meanwhile I made this little tool for removing the chrome hub caps. With this tool it is very easy to prise them off without damage.