Wednesday 18 September 2019

Morris Minor Hubcap tool

Originally a suitable tool to remove the hubcaps on a Morris Minor came with your car and if lost you can buy a small tool for this for very little money. Still, these tools seem to get lost easily and people try to remove their hubcaps with a screwdriver. This invariably damages the paint and makes the cap fly off with a lot of noise. 
I couldn't find my tool, so I just made this one out of a thick piece of steel wire. The hook was pounded flat so it fits under the cap. You can bend it so it fits your hand. If you make the tool a bit longer it will be even easier to use, but I wanted this one to fit a small toolkit in the car. 
Insert the hook under the rim of the hub cap, near the ¨buttons" that secure the cap and pull the cap off. It works on Minis and others too.