Monday 28 October 2019

"Wilhelmina" sewing machine

 I found this "Wilhelmina" branded sewing machine. I had seen one or two offered for sale, but never realised there were at least three versions. This one seemed the oldest version with a picture of the Dutch queen Wilhelmina who reigned from 1898 to 1948. This shows a young Wilhelmina, so it could be this machine was decorated to commemorate some anniversary, perhaps in 1918 or 1923. 
 The portrait looks very similar to an official portrait published in 1898.
 The machine itself is the usual German high quality machine of vibrating shuttle design.
 The floral decorations could be hand-painted
 This mother of pearl flower decoration is still all there. The others have lost their detail.
 This pretty lady is not Wilhelmina, but she seems to be holding a sewing machine.
 There is some lettering on the body. I can read L.A. Lewe....... could it be Lewenstein? Some Durkopp machines were branded "Lewenstein"and I have seen later models of "Wilhelmina" with "Durkopp" on the rear of the body.
I'm quite sure this gentleman knows, but there is no writing on this badge, but I hope to find what this badge signifies.  By the way note that nifty lever .
That lever actuates a pin that pushes the shuttle upward, so you can change the lower thread.  
Another nice detail is this roll top lid for the accessories. Although the wood is old and worn, the top still rolls out of the way.