Saturday 29 February 2020

Meet the White heFFalump, our 1998 MGF.

  This young lady has spent her first years in Italy, so she should me mostly rust free. Sure, there are some jobs to be done. The suspension displacers need replacing this season as the car rides a bit harsh at the moment, so we'll call the Great Displacer Replacer to supply us with a set of refurbished displacers in the near future. For the time being I pumped up the suspension a little so it's  not too low. The battery was only showing 9.6 volts, so we replaced that. The alternator is working fine. There was one headlight out, but it needed only a new bulb . The wipers would not work at high speed. Cleaning the innards of the wiper motor fixed that little nuisance.
 How could we resist a white one with a black hardtop? The hardtop is in fine condition, but we'll be after a better soft top, as it has a few small holes and the rear window is torn. Otherwise the car seems like a rather good one: the engine is sweet and the gearbox works smoothly.  Don't you think the white paint makes her look rather classic?
 The boot lid badge was faded , so I ordered a new insert from Ebay
 The stick-on insert I received from Paul Depper was very convincing, so now we have a respectable badge.
 Replacing the ugly aluminium antenna with this short item also made a big difference
 Of course I couldn't find a manual with the car and I ordered this reprint. As soon as I'd ordered it I found the original manual tucked deep inside the glovebox,
So there it is: our white MGF looking better all the time.
The car rides a bit low and hard as the displacers have lost their gas , so replacement displacers have been ordered. that will be the next job before we can really enjoy driving this car.