Tuesday 25 August 2020

Einer nr3 1970s Deluxe Zig zag Sewing machine

This strong and heavy Einer sewing machine came to me as a very kind gift by the lady who has owned and used this machine for the past years. Despite the very German sounding name the Einer was built in Japan, so it is a very strong and well built machine, typical of the later class 15 clones. Probably built in the 1970's
The machine came in this case, but it is not the factory case. This case works well. 
Of course this sewing machine has the oscillating shuttle that the Singer Company introduced in 1897, in their high arm Improved Family machine and later developed into the class 15 in 1895. After WW2 the Japanese manufacturers were allowed to use the design for their machines. From faithful copies these machines were developed into the zig zag models like this Einer. Model 15 copies are still manufactured in China and India, but they have never reached the level of quality of the Japanese machines. 
Under the Seventies shape  body you can see the typical class 15 mechanism. 
The letter J tells us the Einer was built in Japan
A business like dial to select the sewing options. 
German label on a typically japanese chrome dial. 

We have three examples of the Einer branded machines now.  This one is an earlier design. You can see it is still a faithful clone of the Singer 15K sewing machine except for the fancy metallic green colour.This is the simple straight stitch model that started the evolution of Japanese class 15 clones right up to the colourful later ZigZag Deluxe.  

The prettiest machine here must be this Einer Zig Zag. It is a fetching shade of "Duck egg" blue and has several intricate dials and knobs.  I think these are typical of Japanese machines of that era. Probably early sixties or late Fifties.