Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Electric Badge photo tour (the Whatsapp edition)


It is a time of travel restrictions and social distancing, so most events are cancelled or postponed and the cars remain in the garage. Unless of course we think of another way to organise an event. 

This is what we did: the entrants of this run subscribed to a Whatsapp group and they all receive a set of route instructions and are asked to make short video and photo reports and answer a few questions.  The instructions tell the entrants to find a landmark, like a building or landcape feature and stop there to answer the questions or take photos or videos. In whatsapp the results are shared to the group, so the group members know what the other entrants are doing and where. 

It is not as good as actually meeting, but still it is good fun and the videoclips, stories and photos can be combined in a report or a Youtube video clip. 

We took Ziggy the blue Pickup. It seemed he enjoyed the run as much as we did, but nearly home he decided he had enough and the starter motor was jammed and couldn't be rocked free. Our last stop coincided with our shed where the Wolseley lives, so Ziggy got a push inside and we finished the last leg of our journey by Wolseley, so we had a bonus-run.  For some reason the next day Ziggy's starter was free and he was ready to go. For now we'll keep an eye on this glitch and if it occurs more often a more elaborate fix might be required.

Overal this event can be considered a success and everybody seemed to have a good day out. 

This is the link to the resulting video, made by combining the clips sent in by whatsapp: https://youtu.be/ir5mGBsjIaI

Below some of the photo's sent by whatsapp: