Sunday, 7 March 2021

MGB new starter motor: does size matter?


The starter on the MGB GT was not always working. I had cleaned up the contacts in the solenoid a few years ago, but the starter was still somewhat suspect, so I had planned to get a rebuilt or new starter anyway.  
This is a fairly cheap replacement. I could buy this without returning my old one as a core. I' m not yet convinced about the quality, but as I didn't have a proper Lucas spare I decided I could fit this and have the old one rebuilt by a local specialist. 
The new starter is also much smaller. Could this little thing rate the same  torque as the old one? I wondered maybe they didn't manufacture the starter to the original design, but used a modern generic motor and designed a front end and pinion gear to fit the old car. That could work very well.  
On the lower lug I found an obstruction. Although the bolt did fit the hole, I couldn't fit a spanner on the head as there was a ridge near the hole. 
I took a file and flattened the ridge. Now I could refit the starter. The starter seems to work fine, so maybe it's a good replacement. Meanwhile the old one will be refurbished as a spare. 
Now, let' s see if all the problems have gone or if there are more issues in the starting circuit.