Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Snow day: get out of the office!

A visitor in the garden. No' it's not a Turkey...
A pheasant looking for some extra grub
Crossing tracks of rabbit and pheasant
 The ice will not support any skaters yet
 But the ice makes for interesting patterns
 As do the fences in the snow
White and dark greens show the snow is not deep yet
Reflections in the still water
 And ice
Light snow on the ice made for "fondant ice"
Grey and white matter
These thistles will stick on you
White snow the thin ice
I was happy to see eight Galloways still roaming the field
I was told they may stay for a while
They didn't trust me to come any closer
So the lens had to draw them nearer
 More patterns
You can see the ice is above the waterlevel
This old crane still works for a living at the local wharf. In the foreground foundations from an old green house.